What Is That Light Airy Feeling?

I have sent the fucker off to a beta reader. I added something back in from god knows seven revisions ago. I added chapter titles and told my reader to ignore the fucked up tabs (why, Scrivener, why?).

Now what?

I’ve got to drive to [state redacted] and do some Christmas stuff. Then everyone I know is coming to visit. Hopefully I will have some time to sequester myself and work on my new essay or even just to read books until my eyeballs fall out.

What are you doing next?


Indy Clause


4 responses to “What Is That Light Airy Feeling?

  1. I am working on that one page proposal that says what a three year research programme could look like (if they’d give me squillions of dollars). It’s like writing poetry, it’s so distilled. And I will feel VERY smart (light and airy) when I am finished. However, that feeling doesn’t last very long. the proposal will be rejected. Well, at least it has been the last ten years in a row. And I keep going. go figure…

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