Things I Have Been Doing Other Than Writing


Not sleeping

Hosting people

Thinking about ways to avoid seeing people

Walking the dog

Eating authentic-tasting gumbo courtesy of DP, whom I married for his cooking and his lead-glass bookshelves (It turns out chicken liver is the secret to the gumbo. Don’t knock it until you try it.)

Reading a gothic novel with an excellent plot and inconsistent characters and writing

Reading a woman-with-a-sword fantasy novel with a good plot and good characters

Reading my own schlock novel and remembering that it would actually be pretty good if I had a plot

Resolving to come up with a plot and go back to the schlock novel anew

Reading more of the fantasy novel

Getting pissed that the main character is red-haired and flawlessly beautiful (The Rejectionist wrote a great article about why she’s fucking tired of that trope, but I can’t find it right now)

Serving people dinner

Hiding from people again

Getting up early to let the dog out and thinking again about that schlock novel

What have you been up to?


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