The Newness of the Year

It finally snowed. There are a good couple of inches, turning my bleak brown and green view white and silver. My intensive class is over minus the grading (all over but the shouting). Yesterday I excavated my desk and so it is now a functional piece of furniture. My beta reader got back to me.

I’m taking a deep breath and looking around.

(And just so you don’t think I’m all enlightened and shit, I’m also scarfing down leftover scallion pancake from takeout Chinese food a few days ago. I am not ashamed.)

The goal is to drink less and exercise more and take care of my shit. And it’s all interrelated. Today’s exercise is shoveling. First the back steps for Mr. Dog, and then the front walk for everyone else. My priorities are in order (and the snow shovel is leaning against the back door).

Then it’s grading and maybe a peek back at the Jolly Ole Fucker.

What are you doing next?


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