Scene: DP and Indy Clause going home after a business conversation with a professional grown-up-type person

Indy to DP: I didn’t mean to be weird in the beginning, but she was saying things that just weren’t how I felt.

DP: She was trying to empathize with you.

Indy: I appreciate that. But I wasn’t worried about what she thought I was worried about.

DP: A lot of people try to empathize with you, but they don’t understand that you’re a [last name redacted].

Indy: You’re right, I never feel the way people expect me to feel. That explains everything.

How often do you forget that you’re not like other people?



4 responses to “Empathy

  1. I don’t think anything is different between [last name redacted]s and the rest of the world. What was DP thinking?! After all, he’s a [other last name redacted]! We all [or most of us] have tribal affiliations. He was just trying to torment you, and the professional grown-up-type person [what are you doing talking to accountants?!] wasn’t very good a reading people….

    And that’s the truth.


    • No, no, you misunderstand. DP often values the ways in which Clauses are not like other people. The professional grown-up-type person was trying to anticipate the kind of concerns I might have if I were a normal person. She is very good at reading people, she just doesn’t see Clause types very often. And I don’t want to be like other people. They are boring. Or basic. Ask your niece what that means. 🙂

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