The Hazards of Draft 17

I finished a marathon telephone conversation with my beta reader. It had been interrupted by days, toddlers, phone calls from other people, work duties, and general exhaustion. But good things happened.

There is a high likelihood that she solved the structural problem that has been troubling me for, um, years. And I am cautiously optimistic hysterical with happiness.

It turns out when you write 17 drafts of a thing, and you have stark raving ADD, you tend to repeat yourself. This is not the surprise. The surprise is that now you have three perfectly good places where you can write abut the topic and you get to pick which one works best.

Paternal Clause always bought a new notebook at the beginning of a new project. Yesterday while picking up the kind of drugs that make January less of a slog (yay, self-care!), I bought a new green binder. I was tired of looking at my old one, and anyway the rings were not holding on as well as they used to.

I’m printing it out and going back in. I was going to make this into a real blog post, but beloved people, I have shit to do.


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