I’m making slow but steady process through my revision of (god help me) draft 18. On my facebook page, I saw a chirpy blog post from someone who was just bowled over that she had finished a book. She had written it in six months and (wait for it) then took over a year to revise.

Imagine that.

One of DP’s favorite response to hecklers/people who shout things at him from cars is “I remember my first beer.” You might need to hear his tone of voice for it to make sense. Also he got it from Steve Martin, so maybe you could imagine Steve Martin saying it.

I remember my first book.


Here are some other things that I have been reading/listening to that put me in a better mood.

Rappers and rhyme: this article gives away some of my well-kept poet secrets

Key and Peele’s pirate chantey should not be missed, nor should it be listened to when there are small children around

And those who are interested in Culinary Clause (trademark pending), this is what I made for dinner last night. Do not be put off by the sardines. It was amazing.

What has been distracting you?


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