I have staff training later today. (Please imagine me twirling a staff around and besting orcs, but really it’s a hell of a lot more boring than that. Think icebreakers and stale donuts.) People are going to ask me how my winter “vacation” was.

I have spent the last six days revising my damn manuscript to submit to a damn contest I won’t win anyway. I have a good 600 words about what my manuscript is and where is it going. But the four-sentence summary of my book is killing me. I have one good sentence.

What’s it like to revise your manuscript for six days? I’m a little bit concerned I’m losing friends as I have ducked all social engagements. My spouse is tired of seeing me either hunched over the computer or asleep at strange hours because this shit is hard and drinking at 11 am is discouraged.

The dog is pretty happy about my new strange sleep schedule, but his brain is the size of a walnut, so what does he know?

How do you tell people about how you spend the time? How do you write those last two sentences?


2 responses to “Orientation

  1. I hate that whole “elevator pitch” thing. I suspect that beyond a certain point, there is no valuable polish that can be done to such a pitch anyway. It depends on whether it falls on a receptive ear for however it is contrived.

    Good luck with the contest. Someone has to win; it might as well be someone who deserves to, right?

    • Thank you!

      I just read something from Chuck Wendig about how books that are easily summarized go farther. And I do see that because throughout book publishing and selling one is asked to briefly describe a book. But surely marketing could do that rather than the writer.

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