Cougar: Why don’t you call me, huh?

Indy: I’m sick. I have a stomach bug. [Note: Because Cougar used to be a nurse and is my sister, I gave her a much more detailed description of my physical state. I will spare you, dear readers.]

Cougar: I hardly ever get sick to my stomach.

Indy: Me neither. *pathetic whimper*

Cougar: In fact, the only times I remember throwing up was once in a truly disgusting gas station bathroom. But before that it was when I gave birth to Baby Cougar. Before that it was when I gave birth to CougarSon.

Indy: *Faint moan*

Cougar: Hey, do you think it’s because you turned in the book to the contest? That was like childbirth, right? Everyone barfs during childbirth. Congrats, Indy!

Indy: Thanks, sis.

The management is pleased to report that Indy Clause is back to her food-obsessed healthy self.



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