Free time terrifies me. No, that’s not it. I adore free time. Free time when I have no projects in mind is horrifying. I can’t settle, I drift back and forth, I get anxious and cranky and tired and awake, I don’t know what to do.

My projects are often simple. Read that book you got out of the library. Walk the dog at the beach near the grocery store and buy yourself some food. Go home and cook. Do your editing. Go to Second Job. Work on your memoir. Nap. Go have coffee with someone.

But today I have an editorial lull. My manuscript is in the hands of Those Who Will Tell Me What To Do With It. I am feeling too complicated about Super Tuesday results to focus on outrage. So what am I to do?

I take inspiration from Downith and make a simple author/editor website for myself out of wordpress. It’s professional. I don’t cuss. There is even a picture of me on there somewhere. Fucking hell. This shit is getting real.

I haven’t decided if I will blog there, I might just have a “News” category in blog form. I love you guys too much to leave you and anything I have with stronger connections between my ideas and less cussing I try to get published elsewhere.

Once I figure on the static front page it will be done. What do you put/want to see on an author page?



One response to “Focus

  1. For those of you who didn’t find this blog searching “the difference between fucking and sucking” (yes, that is a common search term; no, I don’t know why), you can find the website by typing the name of the real-life persona behind Indy Clause followed with the word “writing” (no space) and then

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