Shouting from the Mountaintops

Well, hell. I’ve been trying to compose a blog post for my grown-up writer/editor site. I have a real topic and a couple ideas. But the words don’t come. Sure and I don’t have that problem on this blog. I just open my mouth (metaphorically speaking) and let it all out in a sour coffee-breath rush.

I started this blog in my mid-thirty mumbles and I’m now forty-mumble-nothing—what? I had just started writing prose more seriously and I had no idea what my creative voice was. Since then I’ve developed a storytelling voice, a “fuck yeah I’m a poet” prose voice for writing pretty passages, an analytical voice, and then of course I have the whining, haranguing, blunt voice of Indy Clause.

My real-life voice is getting closer to Indy’s voice daily. Just ask my writing students. Or my sister.

But who knows if I’ll finish this serious little post on my serious little website. I like the idea about writing more explicitly about my book topic, but I hate not cussing and having to make sure my sentences follow each other in an orderly fashion.

What’s your voice?



4 responses to “Shouting from the Mountaintops

  1. So far it seems to be using twelve words for every one that will do. My cut to the chase daughter is helping me fix that. Most of what I know about my writing voice is stuff I want to fix. I hope the stuff I don’t know is what makes it interesting to listen to.

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