Writers are unloved puppies. After years of beating their head against their tired laptops they venture a few sheets of paper or electronic documents out into the world. Sometimes they receive a cool, “no.” But other times they receive some constructive feedback and a challenge to push a particular thought further.

I submitted a wee little essaylet or blog post, I’m not sure, to a place I have been published in the past. The editor wrote back and said he liked the premise, but wanted me to work on a part of it. I put a professional-sounding tone to it, but I practically fell on his hand weeping in gratitude for one morsel of encouragement and engagement with my work.

I’m here! Notice me! Read my work! Love me! Mark up my work! I am your spaniel, I am your doormat.

Hiro in bed cropped


6 responses to “Feedback

  1. Of course. Me too. But that dog couldn’t write jack shit. It could chase a squirrel though. You, on the other hand…. (couldn’t chase a squirrel? Could write jack shit? You decide)

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