Office Space

It’s take your spouse to work day! I am sitting in an office at [Redacted] College, pretending to be a professor. This is easier than it used to be. After DP finishes teaching, we’re off to the airport and cities unknown.

[For anyone thinking of robbing my house: it is fully occupied by a former college athlete armed with lacrosse sticks and very good hand/eye coordination and one fierce Bichon. Very very fierce.]

Until the rush of travel, I have a couple hours in a quiet professorial space. There are books to write and books to read. Will I be a good person and write or will I be a lazy happy person and read? I’ve been up since 5 a.m. I have my suspicions.

Are you reading or writing today?


8 responses to “Office Space

      • I did! It was for the latest post, I think. I told you how my sister and I vacationed back when we could. WordPress is crazy lately. Sometimes I can’t comment on other people’s blogs at all. So now they’re arriving and disappearing. I wonder if WordPress has a gremlin…

      • Yeah, I just looked to see if I had marked it as spam by mistake, but it wasn’t there. But I swear I read it. Weird. I do like SF. I went there on my first grown-up trip ever.

  1. Reading, but little. I have house guests with children, so I’m mostly cooking and visiting late into the nights and trying to keep my dogs from eating their socks and underwear.

  2. Reviewing other people’s work and saying whether it should be published or not. Really!

    And I said yes…

    PS-eat some sausage and grits for me!

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