Words to be banned: April 2016 edition

Curated. Not everything is a museum. Maybe a few pretty arrangements can have curated objects, but your anthology is not curated. It is edited. It is a beautiful word, but should be rare. Like in a museum.

Wearer of Multiple Hats. Bored now.

Exotic. I pick on this word on almost all of these lists. But what may be exotic to you might not be exotic to others. A mixed-race woman’s “exotic looks” is racist and lazy. Many east coast liberal elites find white Kansas farmers exotic. Be more specific.

What words do you hate today?


16 responses to “Words to be banned: April 2016 edition

  1. Firstly, let me comment about the word “exotic.” To one who lives in [name of small island nation redacted], exotic means simply “form of flora or fauna not present prior to, and introduced by, European settlement.” It is not the word which should be banned, rather, it should be restrained in its application to humans. There are far more suitable adjectives available for use.

    On the other hand, could we ban “appropriate” and it inverse “inappropriate”?

  2. The use of curated for clothing. My wardrobe is not curated. Nor sadly exotic.
    I would like to ban my distractions from saying literally because it drives me crazy. literally

  3. I cannot stand “gift” and “gifted” as verbs. You did not gift it to someone, you gave it! We have words for that already! Gifted already has a meaning, and it doesn’t mean “presented you with more pretentious crap that no one needs.” It formalizes and snobbifies and stuffies-up what used to be a perfectly natural and sweet collection of words.

    Yes, I know language changes over time and it’s perfectly normal. That doesn’t mean I have to enjoy it.

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