The Life of a Modern ADD Copyeditor

I am having a pun war about pie with my cousin on social media while editing a paper on epiegenetics epigenetics.

As a copyeditor, one looks at language very closely. “Hi word, what are you? What are you doing in this sentence? Are you spelled right? Are you placed correctly?”

As a punster and royal pain in the ass, one looks at language very closely. “Hi word, what do you rhyme with? Are you similar to related words? How can I be funnier? Will anyone in the vicinity murder me in the next ten minutes?”

I’m disgustingly pleased with myself right about now.

How’s your work day?


2 responses to “The Life of a Modern ADD Copyeditor

  1. I think I would be pleased with myself too if i had come up with the idea of having conversations with words. I mean directly to their faces, like you just described. I might even use that idea as a clever way of approaching my class this morning (a seminar on “how to write a case study”). I am looking forward to telling my students to talk to their words. You should be pleased with yourself!

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