Things I Looked Up in the Past 24 h

In the course of editing my manuscript in the past few days I have looked up:

the definition of a vector

when Jupiter is visible

obscure details about whaling

the color of pokeweed (I thought it was red, but of course it was purple; all hail the beta reader.)

nautical astronomy

the kind of trees in a particular California garden

dates for Historical Character (a thousand times)

the size of a 60-year-old telescope (I deleted the size because I couldn’t be sure it was the right telescope; Wikipedia fail)

a more formal word than “ballsy”; has chutzpah? hubris?

What do you need to know?





10 responses to “Things I Looked Up in the Past 24 h

  1. I need to know so many things in order to finish my dissertation. Right now, I mostly need to know about casuistry in the eighteenth century.

    Points of fact: My husband often talks about vectors, and we regularly observe Jupiter in the sky (with the naked eye and through the telescope my son got for Christmas). Through the telescope we can also see some of its moons.

  2. I’m all over Trip Advisor for the best motels in the smallest towns in Interstate 40 that take dogs.

    And then we have to lie and say we only have 2 dogs. Two dog limit!! And you know it’s easy to hide our 3rd 70 pounder. 😉

    • I wanted to know how far north nineteenth-century whalers went. Turns out they went near if not to the Arctic Circle. (I stuck with near, because it was a minor point in my narrative.)

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