Tools and Obsessions

I (not so) recently became obsessed with traveler’s notebooks. Typically these involve a very expensive piece of leather strung with elastics in which you place multiple notebooks, wallets slots, and folders. People use them for journaling, bullet journaling (yet another rabbit hole), sketching, scrapbooking, and keeping lists.

I now have a little leather cover with card slots and elastics that I keep a bunch of field note notebooks in. I may die of nerdly happiness. One of my notebooks is a calendar. A second notebook is a daily write-everything-down notebook. My third notebook is a permanent list notebook, which contains places I’ve submitted my work, my freelance projects and invoicing, books to read, etc. Passwords to long-lost library accounts. Coordinates of where I keep the bodies.

Bullet journaling is irritating in many ways, but one of the things it encourages you to do is to make a table of contents (TOC) in the front of your everyday notebook. This allows you to see just how random your brain is. For example, my TOC currently reads: Writing Log, History of Nautical Astronomy, Notes on [specific part of memoir], Revision Ideas, Poetry Book Idea, Sophie. Then I put the page numbers by them so if I were extraordinarily lucky and had more than one page of notes on a future poetry book, I could write down all the pages where I thought the book through and find them again. (I also write grocery lists in this notebook, but they do not need to be included in the TOC.)

Wait, what is this thing called a writing log? Well, it’s my new tool. I am fucking dying aiming to finish my book this summer. This means I am more focused than I was in the days where I just wanted to move the book forward. DP is tired of listening to me talk about the book. Beta probably wishes she could help her distraction with his physics homework every time she sees an email from me. But my notebook doesn’t care.

I write the date and the weather (for some unexamined reason) and a few notes on what to do next or what I did today. I don’t look at it again, but writing my progress or thoughts on my progress down seem to help. At least know I have thoughts and progress.

And what about Sophie? Well, Fangs and Clause Central is about to officially become a two-dog household.

What makes you weak with nerdly happiness?


5 responses to “Tools and Obsessions

  1. I love being weak with nerdly happiness. Do well made documentaries count? All but the ones about war seem to calm me so I can either write or sleep better, depending on when I watch them. I love history, but the best for me, so far, was one studying a certain tribe of monkeys in a Japanese forest. The parts about them in winter with the snow and the hot springs they used to keep warm, and a toddler monkey who adopted the gruff leader of the tribe, puts me over the top for nerdly happiness, if I may call it that.

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