Early July

I have such mixed feelings about the fourth of July. Our country is leaning hard right towards nationalism, and frankly, fascism. One of the planks of the Republican Party platform is exceptionalism. I do love the United States, but we are not somehow better than other countries. To think that is to engage in magical thinking and to ignore history. We Americans are good at that. It is not one of our more endearing traits as a country.

That said, I’m going out in a few hours to drink beer and eat grilled food outside with some friends. (Someone might be bringing her FOUR schnauzers. I hope she does, and I will report back.) I love sitting outside in the shade talking and drinking beer with people I like.

Often the Fourth finds me antisocial and writing. I’ve been doing that too this weekend. I write under my tree when I can, and inside when it gets too buggy or the screaming children in the park are too much. I made a revision checklist that I need to work through. Then it’s time for a print-out and I’m reading the fucker aloud. I’ve said this before, but this time I mean it.

Where does the fourth find you?


5 responses to “Early July

  1. I like pretty fireworks displays, but not the waste or the crowds. I don’t think of the fourth as a big holiday because of this and the mixed feelings you mentioned. I’m just sitting inside, too tired to write, watching tv and eating too much ‘crack bread’ (my term for the pretzel-style loaves I shouldn’t be buying at Whole Foods, ‘holiday’ alone or not.)

    I much prefer the whole Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s season, probably because I know my daughter and my sister will share it with me. And I love a season that mostly supports the kinder side of magical thinking.

    • What a good way of looking at it! I love Thanksgiving, where the magical thinking is “all these people will fit around this table” and “I will eat all things.”

      I wrote a little bit and then crashed and sat in the yard and read and read.

  2. Not a major holiday for me either, though it is hard to ignore it society-wise. I greet the fireworks displays the same way I greet the new year: the best way I know how: asleep.

  3. I saw no fireworks and ate no barbeque. On Sunday we went to the farmers market and for a long walk with the dogs, then had Italian food on an outdoor terrace. As far as the actual holiday, I read and wrote and listened to music, took another walk and made a pot of soup. It was all just fine with me.

    I totally agree with your first paragraph. I didn’t even know so many foul critters were hiding under the rocks in this country, but I wish they’d slither back from whence they came.

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