The Editor Melts

I love July. It is the pulsing heart of summer. It is also the only time I fleetingly miss working in an office as my house does not have air conditioning. I have learned over time that the heat makes for good editing weather because really I should move as little as possible.

Ms. Sophie is settling in nicely, thanks for asking. Oh you didn’t ask? Too bad. Poodles are really elegant dogs (except of course when she shakes herself and near falls over). They test boundaries, but ultimately want to do what they’re told. As a result, I have a black shadow that is nearly as large as I am, but much furrier.

Yesterday someone online recommended the conscious style guide, which is a compendium of useful, nonoffensive terms and precise definitions to use when talking about sexuality, ableism, ethnicity, age, and health. Some people call this political correctness, I call it being accurate and letting people determine what they want to be called. You wouldn’t call your new friend Bob by the name Mark just because you are too lazy to say Bob, right? Right.

And one last little link, which makes me want to change this blog name to “Why Clippy* Drinks.” Can I do that?

[*A quick reminder of who Clippy is. This link makes noise and might make you laugh until you cry.]

How is mid July in your neck of the woods?


15 responses to “The Editor Melts

  1. I like conscious style especially for mental illness. People are still saying “committed suicide” as if it were a crime. “Died by suicide” is how we shrinks roll.

    Sophie looks fab.

    • My students schooled me on that one recently!

      And Sophie IS fab.

      PS How do shrinks roll with the word “shrink”? Unfortunately I’ve picked it up. I blame my spouse. (We both have great respect for the psychiatry profession, but we do use the word “shrink” when discussing our appointments.)

  2. Thanks for that first link. I really need something concrete to help me learn. (Especially with the use of ‘they’, which my my heart wants to accept, but my ears keep fighting.) The first time I saw the words cis and cisgender they were being used to explain why a certain cisgender person was an idiot. I thought they were pejoratives. Not a good way to learn a new word. Now I’m wondering why I didn’t have the good sense to look it up to begin with.

    As for mid July in Chicago: the relentless horror of humid days over 90 and nights so hot in my house that I couldn’t sleep always put me off summer. But this year the heat’s been broken up with cooler days in between. That and the air conditioning in my daughter’s apartment (where I live now) has helped me through the hot flashes that don’t pause for summer. I’m close to enjoying July.

  3. It is so ridiculously hot and humid here in Kentucky. It feels ridiculous to type that, yet it’s not something I’ve experienced for a good decade and it’s just …….. crazy! The storms that blow the place apart, the storms predicted that never arrive!, my constant watching of the water to see if it’s a good day or a bad day to “go out.”

    I’m working an essay about my stepdad / adopted dad. I hate it with a passion, but it’s the passion part that’s making me finish it. And in other related news, I wonder if we will all survive the Republican Convention in Cleveland —- you can’t water guns and tennis balls, but you can have real live guns? What in the hell are we becoming?

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