The Editor Needs More Coffee

In the past week I have visited six states and three old/new friends. I have rearranged my house, spent time with Sophie the New Poodle, hosted a bunch of people, cooked, and after that went to an obligatory social occasion where I knew no one but the hosts.

In between, I have collapsed into naps and sat amongst the poodles. Yesterday I enforced a Pax Clause between Sophie and new roommate poodle. Then I went to bed. This morning I have a plain old workday. Thank god.

My proudest accomplishment this weekend, besides Pax Clause, was faking my way through Hebrew songs when no one else on my side of the room did. The words were written down. I have been faking my way through Hebrew songs and prayers half my life. Hasn’t everyone?

What are your proudest recent achievements?

And someone please send me a good editorial question so I have something more interesting to write about. Thank you.


7 responses to “The Editor Needs More Coffee

  1. Gadzooks! You are moving & shaking indeed. All I have this week is I managed to finally get all my hair cut off and Richard Schiff aka Toby on the West Wing retweeted me.

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