Indy Who?

Excuses for not posting:

I was too busy talking to my sister.

I was too busy mourning the fact that my sister is gone.

There are triplets in my house who interrupt me every three seconds.

Adjunct Clause is entering season 5 and I’ve planned nothing. (Fortunately it is not a class I have to design from scratch as there is framework already there for me.)

(I kind of miss designing classes from scratch. It’s fun. There’s probably something wrong with me.)

It’s been the hottest August on record in my fair state. I’ve worked for meteorologists. We’re all going to die from global warming.


I’m finishing the fucker.

Someone has to keep Sarah W on her toes in pun wars

Not only am I finishing the fucker, I’m reading it out loud, to myself, usually in my yard


Exhibit A:




8 responses to “Indy Who?

  1. Waw! It was so nice interfering with indy’s writing. Waw! I miss it. That is NOT indy’s hairy led in case you are wondering.

    Hey! What happened? It has been so long since i have been on this blog that my patchwork square has changed colurs. What’s that about?

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