Going Online

It’s furtive. I should be doing other things. I have work to do, dishes, dogwalks, etc. But I can’t help it. I shyly browse a website, look at some pictures, click out of it if someone is looking.

The agent search is a bit like dating. Are your interests the same as mine? Can I trust you with my heart, the manuscript? Do you look like you would like my jokes?

I hate the sites that just show people’s faces. This is not actual Internet dating. Sure, you may look interesting, but if you represent upmarket women’s fiction, you will not be interested in my memoir about science, family, and loss.

Yes, I came up with that tagline just this morning while writing another query.

Four queries down, 146 to go.

How are your struggles?


9 responses to “Going Online

  1. Just beginning. I think I’m 99% done with the rewrite, so now I have to come up with some taglines of my own and start speed dating agents as well.

    Other than that, the usual monsters. Also, that little footrace in NYC I’m doing in TWO WEEKS!

  2. I do it differently than you ‘sis. I simply decide who I want to date, and go straight at them. And, since I work with a different genre of publisher (academic presses) they even LET me send in sample chapters without having to wait for their instruction. What a luxury! When they decide they don’t want to do the academic equivalent of dating me and send me the Dear Cougar letter, I just move on to the next one without a backward glance. Trumpesque. Fuck ’em.

    (Go hard, Paul! What time are you hoping to run?)

    • Given my poor training, and the fact that my wingman (#1 daughter) has been fighting bronchitis for two weeks, I’m hoping just to “finish and have fun.” 5:30 would be dreamy!

      • I wish you the best of luck! To make this more relevant to Indy’s blog, let me tell you that my first publications were all about running. but I have to say that running-writing now bores me beyond all things.

        Indy–are the words “run” or “running” in your book? Even metaphorically?

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