Social Media and Academic Voice

On the advice of my colleague, J, I made my students translate a social media post/tweet/text into academic prose. It was hilarious. The exercise made them turn the subjective into the objective. I probably should have had them translate something academic into informal speech as well. (Yes, Cougar, you should steal that exercise.)

One person started to read the original, which was something like, “I’d like to thank my beautiful wife for being married to me for 25 years. I truly believe that there is one person for everyone, and you are the most wonderful match for me…”

My class is made up of men except for one woman and of course me. The woman says, “I hate that kind of post.” The guys all laugh, “You have a classroom of guys, and the woman is the one who hates the post,” one of the guys says.

“Don’t you hate that kind of post?” she asks turning to me.

“Yes,” I said. “It’s like, I’m so grateful to be driving a Porsche….my life is so great….” And we all started laughing.

What’s the point of this post? I’m still mad at my acquaintance who posted, “I’m so grateful to be home after 2 weeks in Hawaii.”

Who would you like to tell to fuck off?


6 responses to “Social Media and Academic Voice

  1. I’d say it to my coworker, last heard from in the Florida Keys, who lives on 20 acres and whose car payments are more than three times my mortgage. It doesn’t help that she’s voting for Trump.

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