What To Do

One of the (many) benefits of having smart, interesting, creative friends is that they can teach you things. My friend J talked on facebook about how what we needed to do in this horrible world is to talk to people who we would not ordinarily talk to. I live in a little liberal bubble (as does J). J walked into his local food pantry and talked to them about how he could help. Food is important to me, one might even say an ethnic imperative. I may do the same.

My friend L has made it her personal mission to call her state representative on a weekly basis and keep their staff on the phone discussing issues that are important to her and also issues that are important to common human decency. She challenged her friends to say what they are doing to help.

It’s hard to know what to do when you are “not a joiner,” to quote one of my former roommates. I’m not a person who will travel into my nearby city and knock on doors. I hate the telephone. But I can do things locally. This week I’m going to look into possible places I can help people with resumes or getting food. I’ll let you know what I find.

What are you doing?


3 responses to “What To Do

  1. I am fretting. OK? I couldn’t even go on strike, because I am on sabbatical and so I wasn’t where everyone was. But I was on strike. I just couldn’t sing the songs with everyone else (“I see red!”). My salary could get docked, since I was solidaire, but I couldn’t even be an activist.

    I am fretting because it is raining so much that there are floods in my normally-arid part of the world.

    And G– is angry. She’s shaking the hills around me. Thankfully, my house is OK, even though it’s hard to sleep there (although I wouldn’t know, since I am on sabbatical, and only my house sitter, my cat, and my hens are shooken up).

    Going home tomorrow. Maybe I’ll know what to do then.

    What am I really doing? Drinking. You?

  2. I hate the phone too. I don’t even like listening to my own voicemails. Either text me, email me, show up at my front door unannounced, or go to hell.
    I have been making phone calls. That’s how serious things are. Also letters. I’ve been writing actual paper letters. And radicalizing my friends and associates. And researching committees and hierarchies and things I was probably exposed to in high school and could not have cared less about at the time (or, frankly, two weeks ago). I’m glad you’re doing a thing. If everyone does a thing, maybe we’ll have something worth voting for in two years? Four years? [sob] Eight years?

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