Good Morning

  1. Our country is turning into a not-very-funny Simpson’s episode.
  2. We are watching a Holocaust in Aleppo.
  3. It’s the end of the semester and I can no longer think.
  4. As the goat demons of Sauron are my witness, I am going to get to the page today.
  5. (I don’t really believe in the goat demons of Sauron.)

Here’s some Patti Smith to cheer you up/bring you down/remind you to defeat the goat demons, whatever their form.


2 responses to “Good Morning

  1. That Patti Smith performance is so fantastic. I showed it to my kids the other night (to encourage my daughter before the talent show, proving it’s okay to forget the words), and I was heartened when my daughter said, “She’s really beautiful.” Agreed.

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