Late December Coming Down

I’m face to face with a deadline. It’s going to rainsnow tonight. The Glossary of Meteorology has yet to include rainsnow (or maybe rainsnowlocusts) in its list of words, but maybe it should. I’m suffering a batch of ill health, which means my cheese grits/creole seafood dinner that I was promised is definitely not going to happen tonight. (Wah!)

However, all is not lost, because I remembered the list of banned words! This is the best thing since The Hater’s Guide to Williams-Sonoma. Both are annual occasions made for the hater within us all. I just reread the W-S one and it made me feel better enough that I ate a (cheap Trader Joe’s) cracker.

What are your first world problems?


One response to “Late December Coming Down

  1. I was excited by the idea of banned words, and disappointed with the actual list. This list may be country specific. What of “in this space” and “moving forwards”? How about “appropriate” and “walk the talk”? Maybe these are [name of country redacted]-specific.

    Happy birthday Mom!


    just Cougar

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