January Notes

Yesterday I sent the first half of Small Beer Book (thanks, Paul, for the new working title) to the editor. It was freeing. I didn’t have to worry whether it was the best-written piece of prose I have ever wrought. I was pretty sure it was pretty well written and there is an editor (an editor!) who will look at it and make sure I don’t embarrass myself.

Wait, it gets better. I was reasonably sure I put an umlaut on “marzen” beer (not sure how to do that here, SjG, are you reading?) every single time it appeared. But you know what? It didn’t matter, because there is a copyeditor who’s going to fix that for me. A copyeditor who isn’t me!

This writing shit is awesome. Why did no one tell me? Oh, right, it’s because we’re all creative writers laboring for no money, no fame, and no glory.

After this, I’m going to go back to editing, I’m going to start writing the second half of Small Beer Book (but not today), and I’m going to (gulp) go back into the Fucker, the big beer of my writing life, and make it better.

What’s your small beer?


12 responses to “January Notes

  1. After your title recommendation for me, I feel that I should come up with a dozen for you — a 12-pack of titles, starting with one about beer.

    I’m fooling around with my story “Fire Sermon.” I’ve got the draft down, but it needs work. Vigorously avoiding trying to craft a query letter for One-Match Fire. Recovering from the holidays. Running from monsters. The usual stuff.

  2. Of course I’m reading!

    For umlauts, you can either just type ’em in (if your combination of blog software, database, and web server are configured to handle character sets correctly, which admittedly, is a configuration clusterflock of incomprehensible proportions). Zum Beispiel, “Märchen”.

    If you don’t want to worry about the configuration stuff, there’s a portable HTML way to do it, which is to use the appropriate character entity, e.g. ü for ü, or ä for ä, etc.

    It occurs to me without a preview, I can’t tell if this comment will post correctly. It’s possible that all my special codes will be stripped out, and this comment will look like the ravings of a madman. Either way, I stand by it 🙂

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