Working, not Thinking

I bought myself a fake traveler’s notebook with some Christmas money. I finally succumbed. There is a leather cover and four elastics that hold notebooks that you can switch out. There is also a cult following. It’s not a cult, I swear. Ignore my swirling eyes.

I like it because I can carry a weekly planner; a work notebook, which includes teaching notes if I’m teaching, and editing notes if I’m editing; and a writing notebook in which I can put all the stuff I’m writing. (And you can get decorated notebooks and/or put stickers on your notebooks, and put your fancy new rooster card for the Chinese New Year in a clear pocket, and yes, I’m twelve. OK? OK.)

I know you don’t care about my stationery obsessions (except for those of you who do). The point of this post is that my writing notebook is pretty empty. I have a few notes for an article I’m not ready to write. I’ve some thoughts on restructuring the Fucker. I have a few desolate stanzas. And one journal entry.

I’ve been writing almost every day, but it’s been the Small Beer Book. I think this writing is good for my overall writing skills. And I’m getting to be gently snarky, Indy at half-mast. This ultimately good for all of my poetry and nonfiction. However, I have not been thinking critically about what I am doing writingwise and where I am going. I’ve been getting to the computer and writing my X number of words a day and then fainting on the couch from overwork. (I may exaggerate slightly.)

I think one of the hardest things about being a professional writer, by which I mean all of us who write and submit and publish and despair at any level, is recognizing the ebb and flow of our work. There are times for planning, times for writing, times for editing, times to let the field grow fallow.

What mixed metaphor are you?



7 responses to “Working, not Thinking

  1. Gorgeous, even if I don’t quite understand how it works.

    I might have to blog about my stationary on Wed. Might.

    I’m just mixed up. No metaphors involved.

    • So it’s a leather cover with elastics running the length of the spine and you use the elastics to hold your notebooks. Three of them, in my case. And you can switch out the notebooks when you finish them.

  2. “grow” fallow, “be” fallow, or simply “fallow”? I think it’s an adjective.

    Mixed metaphors?

    I am a Cougar flitting from flower to flower. An edit here, new words there, a bit of a rest in between.

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  4. I am also stationary (a.k.a. “school supply”) obsessed and would really love to see a photo of your notebook or be directed by a link so that I can investigate further. (WordPress has let me back in, thank goodness.)

      • Too lazy to take photos: Here is an intro to the system ( I bought one on Etsy, and it is bigger than the regular Midori. This is good because a) it’s cheaper and b) the Midori holds Midori-sized notebooks so you can’t get just any notebook to put in the cover. I bought one that was more or less A5 and fits Moleskine cahiers as well as any other A5ish notebook my nerdy heart might lead me to buy.

        I like it because I have one “case/collection” I can take to Second Job that neatly holds writing, work/editing notes, and my planner, as well as a few pockets for random paper shit I feel I should carry around. (I’m developing complex index card opinions. Spare us all.)

        And it has an elephant charm because I am 12. See above.

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