The spouse and I went north for a long weekend, then two days later I went to visit friends a state or two south of us. There was a lot of time spent in cars on country roads, a rented cabin, subways, commuter rail, Amtrak, cars, friend’s apartment, a random university where my friend suckered me into teaching her class for her.

“Talk about what you do.”

“Uh, what part of what I do? Editing? Writing about beer? Nonfiction? Sonnets? Poodles?”

“Do that poet thing.”

“What poet thing?”

“You know, poetry/language intelligence.”

Well, this Clause is a sucker for flattery, so I did it. It went OK. I was tired though, and could have done better.

While I was slightly south of my current locale, I was not on social media. I did not see much of the Dumpster Fire that is our executive branch. But I had a good talk with my two dear friends, whom I had gone to visit. We talked politics and writing and race and writing and books and nature and relationships.

In the coming weeks I need to refine and put into effect my acts of resistance, and set up a system so it’s doable. Same with editing the Fucker. And I have to finish the first draft of my beer book.

What do you need to refine? Also are any of you going to AWP?


3 responses to “Travel

  1. Out of focus right now. I think I’m done with the One-Match Fire stories, and there’s a fun, playful story I’ve about half written that I need to get to, but now my mind is occupied/obsessed with a very dark, very grim, not-a-happily-ever-after story and I’m making notes on that. (The consequence of going back into therapy!)

    So I saw the film Paterson. I would LOVE to hear what you think of it.

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