Happy Equinox!

I am not feeling terribly happy, but from today on, the days will get longer, and since it’s actually spring, I will try to not get so mad about the unseasonably warm weather that makes plants bloom at the wrong time. It’s not just, “Oh, my poor crocii”; it’s “holy fuck, crops are not getting fertilized at the right time or are getting damaged in the cold, we’re all going to die.” As you can see, I am a tiny ray of sunshine.

I wrote a plot treatment for the fucker. Yes I should have done that years ago, but I couldn’t have. I needed to write it all out to see what I really knew and what I really had. My brain hurts, but I am cautiously pleased with my process.

This spring I hope to finish the Small Beer Book. I want to make some real process with The Fucker. Right now I am in research phase, which is a pretty good place to be. There is a whole new chapter I have to write up, and I know nothing. Fortunately the librarian at Second Job and I are members of the mutual admiration society. She ordered me a book about a store my grandfather worked at in California (take that, Cougar).

What are you doing this spring?


7 responses to “Happy Equinox!

  1. It’s also Persian New Year, so that’s cheery.

    I am flailing. Betwixt projects. Can’t seem to find the energy to engage in anything new (other than to poke at stuff).

  2. No one, i repeat, no one (other than you) would have any inkling about why you would need to jab me over Papa’s store. Isn’t there some rule of memoir that your narrative must at the very least be recognizable to your readers? Because if so, you are clearly off to a bad start. Do you want to rethink that jab?

  3. OK. seriously now. You asked what we are doing this spring (autumn). As you know (but your blog followers may not), One is an academic writer. That makes writing a slightly different task. One is more productive. It’s not as hard.

    I hear you protest, “Nay! what you do is just as hard, just differently hard!” (well, you sometimes say that to me). But I maintain that it is not as hard. Our focus is on production. And after a while, one learns how and where to get published. There are strategies that don’t necessarily involve being as good as you, dear Indy, need to be.

    Journalists are like academics on speed. They have to write every day. You don’t hear them whingeing!

    But here’s my thing. It has been a good year. Well, it should be! I had a semester on sabbatical. I wrote a book. I submitted a few of its chapters in article form, and they got accepted. I got the nicest-ever acceptance letter of all time for one of those chapters. I wrote a 298-word (including references) essay that got published in [Very Important Journal]. They called it “filler”. I called it “essay”. I got INVITED to write articles. Three even.

    And now I don’t know what to do any more. The aftermath of a good year is confusing. It’s like you’ve used up your quota. What do you do next? suppose you lose your mojo? What do you write about after?

    Help, Indy!

    • Pat yourself on the back. And read new things that are in and adjacent to your field. This “fills up the word bucket” in the words of an MFA colleague of mine or maybe “fills up the idea bucket” in your case.

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