Big Talk

I would like to finish my book this summer. (Yes I know I said that last summer. Carry on.) My residency taught me that I can cobble together a shitty chapter in a week and I can revise after that.

Twelve chapters, twelve weeks, three months. Two chapters are already revised. This might actually work if I started now. Today. Pedal to the medal. This is why I’ve gone from a weekly calendar to a monthly calendar. I can see the big picture and notice that June is ticking away and the chapters are still unwritten.

What’s your plan?


9 responses to “Big Talk

  1. (sneaky idea).

    It’s really important to get the idea of “summer” anchored firmly. What counts as summer? When does summer start? When does it finish? You might answer with assurance “summer starts in three days! We all know when the solstice is!” this (would) mean that you have exactly three months from the day after the day after tomorrow. Unless you want to include the summer-like days that persist in autumn. Yes, fair enough. Include them.

    And then, you can add on to that the fact that just as summer starts to fade for real where you are, it’s summer where Cougar is. Just go join her! All of a sudden summer doesn’t sound like such a stressful time frame.



    • Yeah, that’s what I thought too. But (especially for champion endurance athletes like you and me), “medal” makes a bit of sense. Particularly if one is a cyclist. AND, I happen to know that Indy has one hot-shit Surly, even if it does have a girly saddle. Girly Surly. Toughen up Indy.

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