Tricks to Getting to the Page

Keep up with all legally prescribed psychotropic medications.

Buy a cute notebook. Buy ten cute notebooks. Get a filthy (yet legal) stationery habit. Look at your beautiful pens and pencils and the trendy Japanese notebooks. They are begging to be used. Use them.

Read. Use your disdain for the shoddily written books to write your own. Use your inspiration to scrawl something new. No one gets better at writing without writing.

Start pondering your very complicated feelings about the word “Yankee” (or word of your choice).

Bribery. Self-loathing. Reward systems. Another cup of coffee.

Louise Erdrich writes in Blue Jay Dance about how she tied herself to the chair with a bathrobe belt. She could loosen it in case of emergency, but it kept her from bounding up before her executive function could stop her.

Get the fuck off the Internet. Oops, it’s now “internet.”

How do you get to the page?


9 responses to “Tricks to Getting to the Page

      • I can remember reading a very condescending article in a newspaper by the editor giving advice to online publications about how it should all be done, citing paper-based rules and standards. (I remember they focused especially on hyperlinks, something a paper document could never have foreseen/incorporated.) I also remember at the time feeling how clueless and left behind the editor/article was. Giving advice to their betters.

  1. When staring into space trying to remember what writing is, I have to remind myself that writing bad stuff is still writing and maybe I can fix it tomorrow. I always hope I’m smarter tomorrow.

  2. With my fiction writing at a standstill, I picked up a fountain pen and stationery habit — because “Use them,” right? — and then I started writing a blog about my fountain pen and stationary habit instead of writing fiction.

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