Silence = Death

What I Have Done

Talked a great deal about the horror of separating children from their parents at the US border on Facebook

Shared a lot of other people’s well-reported or well-thought-out posts on the horrors of a zero-tolerance policy at the border

Looked around my beautiful (shabby, still-half-in-boxes) little farmhouse surrounded by prettiness and felt both grateful and unworthy

Thought about my family who came over as immigrants; Jews were seen as unsavory and unclean in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century by a lot of people in this country. If my family had not come over when they did from Germany, Poland, and Lithuania, it is likely they, their children, and/or their grandchildren would have been killed. Certainly I would not have existed. Nor would I be living in my ridiculously pretty neck of the woods. Nor would I have a cheerfully cranky copyeditor blog.

Sent money to ACLU. Am going to also support RAICES. If you can afford a cheap bottle of ink or a new paperback every month, you can afford a $15/mo donation. If you can’t donate time or labor, consider donating money.

Written to my representatives.

What I Have Not Done

Talked about immigration in my daily life with the people I know here (I have talked some with my friends in my former abodes). There is a lot of eye-rolling at Trump, but this is not a time to share generic despair and then move on to talk about the weather. This is figure out how to fucking act to be a moral citizen of this country, and fucking act. I need to figure out a way to act on a small but daily basis.

Took to the streets; I’m beginning to see how it is hard to take to the streets in a rural environment

Always spoken up when someone says something racist or xenophobic

What I Am Trying To Do

Keep this conversation going in all forums I participate in whether in person or online wherever relevant, and maybe sometimes when it is not relevant.

Never again let a comment against immigration pass unremarked; I’m going to work up some good lines so I can just say them and not kick myself for saying nothing later

What have you done? What have you not done? What are you trying to do?


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