The Rural Copyeditor

Me: Snort.

Spouse: What?

Me: The ground was just described in my book as hardened and muddy. It takes place in the rural northeast. [We just happen to live in the rural northeast.]

Spouse: [silence]

Me: The copyeditor was probably from New York. The ground can’t be both hardened and muddy. [cf. our yard]

Spouse: The copyeditor probably has never even seen the ground.

Me: Exactly


10 responses to “The Rural Copyeditor

  1. No, no, you’re definitely right. Although I once slid most of the way down a Welsh mountainside that, after weeks of baking sun, and only one day of torrential rain, had a surface layer that seemed–at least to this atheist–to have been designed by God to bruise every inch of muscle on my body.

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