February Gratitude List

I’m fucking grateful that the snow is up to my dog’s haunches, because it’s a pandemic out there and I shouldn’t be leaving the house anyway.

I’m fucking grateful that I had some nice time off from querying my manuscript only to feel so bad about not querying that I started querying again.

I’m fucking glad I’m Jewish so I can live on a steady diet of competing feelings of guilt. Really, it’s lovely, such a well of motivation. Yes that comma should be a fucking em dash.

I’m fucking grateful that [author redacted] hasn’t written the third book in the series I just started. I really need to stop reading schlock fiction anyway.

I’m fucking grateful some asshole senator from Texas went to Cancun rather than showing some goddamn leadership, because I anger keeps you warm. Although maybe not in Texas.

I am legitimately grateful for those of you who keep reading and urge me to post.

What are you grateful for?

16 responses to “February Gratitude List

  1. I would have gone for the comma, but then I’m the last of the semicolon fangirls so take that as you will.

    I’m grateful for my job, which is difficult and stressful enough that I feel free in my downtime to do whatever the hell I want. Very liberating.

  2. • —
    • coffee
    • internet streaming of television shows I never watched before because they originally aired at 10pm when I was already headed for bed or asleep
    • …I am trying to think of something else. Good neighbors. Chocolate. Cheese. (Stop, wait, reverse that—cheese first.)

  3. I totally agree that writers shouldn’t be guilty about their knowledge/lack of knowledge of grammar. But as a professional editor and creative writer, I don’t think knowing the rules of grammar is a deterrent. Worrying about the rules of grammar is the deterrent.

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