Like Everyone Else

It’s tempting to say that I don’t write like anyone else, but it’s totally dishonest. My approach to my topics is different than many people’s, and my style is neither linear nor entirely nonlinear.

Querying is about positioning yourself in a market, being like enough but also different.

I was going through a bad patch a few years ago due to [situation], and one of my friends said, “You might see the way that you are [that was partly responsible for getting me into the situation] as a fault, but it isn’t. It’s a strength.” She was telling me that I was not like other people, but that it was a good thing.

I’m working a slightly corporate job right now. Editors are always quirky. But even so, I keep running up against the wall of not being like the others. I don’t want to be (too much) other than what I am. But I’m tired of themes repeating across multiple aspects of my life. Really I just want to get my damn book published.

What are you like?

5 responses to “Like Everyone Else

  1. I ask myself this sort of question a lot, and I never come up with a single answer. I’m one person here, another person there. A fair number of people in my real life seem to think I’m weird, secretive, hard to fathom, yet I often feel I’m giving away too much. I feel most comfortable expressing myself in writing, so most people don’t know me at all — and I kind of like that.

  2. What am I like? Resigned. I accept who I am and how that lets me fit or not into situations and relationships. For a long time I strove to fit in, but even among accepting people, I never felt wholly comfortable. Now I keep my own counsel and do my own thing.

  3. After the last year, of diverting all my research and spare time efforts to CoViD data analysis, and side-tracking everything else… I’ve kind of lost track of who I am and what I do these days 😖

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